ZOO Ljubljana

Price list 2023

ADMISSION / €DailyAnnual
Discounted / pupils, students, seniors9,5052,00
Children/pre-school and primary school children7,5040,00
EU Disability card - holders3,0033,00
EU Disability card - holders companion3,00*
Children under 2 years of age0,000,00
  • 10% discount for groups of more than 10 people.
  • The price list is valid from 1.1.2022.
  • The annual ticket is valid for 365 days from the date of purchase.
  • Annual ticket for the EU disability cardholder and their companion

Benefits for annual ticket holders:

• The annual ticket is considered an entrance fee for all additional paid programs: Meet your favourite animal, Animal caretaker for a day, holidays for children, camping, Halloween, nightly guided tours, Meeting with Father Christmas or Santa Claus, birthday celebrations, themed guided tours, an hour or longer guided tours

• Free participation and viewing of the Christmas story, animal adventures, animal feeding and meeting with caretakers, events and creative workshops

• 10% discount in the Safari restaurant!

Opening hours

ZOO Ljubljana is open every day of the year, including public holidays!

January, February and December9:00 to 16:30
March, November9:00 to 17:00
October9:00 to 18:00
April , May , June, July, Avgust, September9:00 to 19:00
wolf on black background lightened wit a torch light from one side

What can you do in the ZOO?

Guided tours and zoo experiences

Guided tours and zoo experiences are also available for those who would like an even more in-depth animal experience, learn about conservation, and saving the planet. You can become a zookeeper for a day, meet your favorite animal, celebrate a birthday, enjoy a guided tour of the zoo or take a photo at a guided photo safari, and even spend the night in tents at the zoo in summer!

Reservations are required for zoo experiences and guided tours. More here…

  • Zoo experiences are for adults and children from 5 years of age.
  • Guided tours are available in Slovenian or English language.

Additional offer

At Zoo Ljubljana you can play on the unique playgrounds called African Village, Enchanted Forest, and Frog Jump. They are designed for the whole family to play. Playgrounds encourage cooperation, group play, and socialization.


You can refresh yourself at the Safari Restaurant.

Restaurant phone:  041 991 454
Their E-Mail: safari.ljzoo@gmail.com


Shop for ZOO souvenirs at the Bear’s Edge shop.

Scheduled animal feedings and animal workshops

  • We feed certain animals according to a feeding schedule. The animal feeding schedule is in the Slovenian language on this link.

Live stream cameras

Follow Zoo Ljubljana via live streaming cameras and see the current weather.

Buy tickets on-line in advance and skip the line

Purchase single-day tickets in advance in our online shop. 

You will receive your purchased tickets within a few minutes to the email address you provide when you pay at the e-ticket office. Also, check your spam and make sure your email address is spelled correctly!

You can get a group discount in the online shop by prior arrangement. Contact spletna.trgovina@zoo.si.

Rules at the ZOO

There are certain rules that must be followed in the zoo to make the experience beautiful, comfortable, safe and acceptable for the animals, for you, for other visitors and for the staff of ZOO Ljubljana. 

Explore the zoo map!

ZOO Ljubljana is home to around 100 different species of animals, with a total of around 400 animals.

How to find us

The Ljubljana ZOO is located in the southern part of the Tivoli Landscape Park, Rožnik and Šišenski hrib. You can reach us from the Ljubljana ring road, from Šiška or the center of Ljubljana.

View the location in Google Maps.

GPS coordinates

lat = N 46.052029
lon = E 14.472513

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

The Ljubljana ZOO is open every day, including Sundays and all holidays.

You do not need an EU DCC certificate to visit and walk around the zoo during the epidemic.  Measures such as wearing masks indoors, hand disinfection and keeping your distance from each other still apply.

Well-mannered dogs can accompany their owners to our ZOO with a purchased ticket. They must remain leashed throughout the visit and adhere to our etiquette and safety regulations. However, dogs are not permitted in the Mini ZOO, within the Australian enclosure, or in children’s play areas.

No, the daily ticket is valid for one entry. You can leave the ZOO for a short period and return if you, for example, forget something in the car (point this out earlier at the cashier’s desk).

Unfortunately, tickets cannot be reused on a different day due to weather changes, and we do not offer refunds for them.

ZOOs do not buy animals but exchange them with each other. The costs of acquiring new animals are transport and arranging a new space for the animal.

Currently, we do not accept volunteers.

We have not had a Wildlife Shelter at the ZOO since 2003. If you come across an injured or sick animal, call the Wildlife Shelter in Muta in Koroška at 02 876 12 85, 041 518 939.

The Ljubljana ZOO is home to a variety of smaller animals under our care, but we do not offer external presentations with them. We welcome school groups to visit our zoo, where students can encounter various animal kingdom representatives and gain a comprehensive understanding of their world.

The lower part of the ZOO is more or less flat and accessible to visitors in wheelchairs. Only the upper part of the ZOO with indigenous animals is unsuitable for wheelchairs. At the entrance and next to the restaurant, we also have a toilet for visitors with special needs.

Yes, there are three free car parks available to ZOO visitors.

Visitors are permitted to pet animals only in the designated areas of the children’s ZOO, excluding their rest zones. Contact with other animals is restricted, however, you can learn about specific ZOO programs that offer supervised interaction with certain animals.

Feeding is strictly prohibited as our animals adhere to specialized diets with carefully measured quantities, quality, and types of food. Incorrect or excessive feeding can be harmful, even fatal. To educate visitors on animal diets, we offer feeding coupons for purchase.

We strongly advise adhering to these rules without exceptions, refraining from touching or feeding the animals. This not only prevents potential virus transmission but also ensures the animals consume their necessary diet without excess.

Not at the moment. There is also no Urbanomat in the immediate vicinity of the ZOO, so check the balance before visiting or take advantage of the option to pay for the bus ride with a mobile phone.

No, family tickets are not in our offer.

Yes, the LPP 18 or 18L line drive past the ZOO.

No. We do business with cash and cards at the entrance to the ZOO, in the Medvedji rob store and in the Safari restaurant.

Sure you can, just mind the cleanliness, collect the trash, and do not feed the animals with it.

There is also the restaurant Safari in the ZOO.